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Slab Leaks

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is any crack, break, or deficiency in the plumbing pipes that run beneath the concrete foundation or “slab” of your home. These leaks can be either in the incoming water line, which is pressurized and typically leads to noticeable symptoms, or in the sewer lines, where the leak can go undetected for longer periods. Due to their concealed nature, detecting slab leaks can be particularly challenging, potentially causing significant water damage and soil erosion that compromises the home’s structural integrity.

There are several common causes of slab leaks, including:

  • Gradual pipe corrosion due to chemical interactions with water or soil
  • Pipe abrasion from constant friction or thermal expansion and contraction
  • Excessive water pressure or ground movement causing pipe stress
  • Inadequate construction or use of subpar plumbing materials
  • Natural deterioration of plumbing systems with age
  • Hard water contributes to scale buildup and increased pipe corrosion
  • Soil shifts or settling impacting pipe integrity beneath the foundation

How We Detect Slab Leaks

Detection of slab leaks begins with a careful assessment of the symptoms. Homeowners may notice unexpected water bills, running water when all taps are off, warm spots on the floor, or even mysterious damp patches. These signs prompt a need for a detailed investigation, which requires specialized equipment and techniques.

At American Rooter Services, we utilize electronic leak detection technology to listen for the unique sounds of water escaping from pressurized pipes. This non-invasive method involves using sensitive microphones, amplifiers, and headphones to detect the noise of the leak. Another advanced technique is infrared thermography, where thermal cameras identify temperature variations on the floor surface, indicating the presence of warm or cold water from a leaking pipe.

In some cases, further confirmation may be necessary when these methods point to a potential leak. This may involve a pressure test on individual lines to measure water pressure and identify any discrepancies that can confirm a leak. If the location is within a high degree of certainty, we use more invasive methods, such as opening the foundation, as a last resort. We aim to employ the least invasive yet most effective approach to identify the slab leak and determine the best course of action for repair.

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